Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day Tour

We decided to share what we know about sustainable living at the Grand Junction/ Mesa County Earth Day event at the county fair grounds last Saturday. We had photos, the house plans, Mike Reynolds three Earthship books, slide shows, and movies. Our d-i-l was loaning us her easy-up shelter and black draperies so we could show the slides and movies using a digital projector and big screen. Alas, the best laid plans... It turned out to be extremely windy. We saw a 200 lb. man lifted by the wind as he tried to hold down the tent on the booth next to ours that had been secured with stakes and sandbags. The tent on the other side of us that was clamped to a heavy table blew into our car dragging the table behind it. So, we sat in the brilliant sunshine and intense wind for the day. We had some heavy sheets of glass that secured everything to the table and we taped the top of the trifold display of photos to the table and secured the bottom of it with rocks on both sides so nothing blew away. I did manage to acquire the worst sunburn of my life even with spf 50 sunblock. Within 24 hours I had blistered and the blisters had popped -- a little beyond the blistering and peeling I had experienced when badly sunburned as a child.

Anyway, we did have a great time talking to people about our house and 9 people came up on Sunday to tour the house. One family seems pretty invested as the man came to my Wednesay book group to get more information. I imagine his family will be going sustainable as soon as they can buy the land to build an earthship.

Working on further sustainability and protein requirements, our six chicks are doing well. Just a few more months and they will be providing us with high quality egg protein. Woo hoo, can hardly wait.