Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Where have I been?

Life on the edge has been more than hectic lately. We had our celebration of the certificate of occupancy on August 14 and so I had to finish the floors to get ready for that. Stain, scrub X 6, seal X 2, and wax X 4 - 13 painstaking reworkings of the floor but it looks great.

The next big time consumer was trying to get a mortgage. Lenders just don't understand off-grid life in a passive solar home. My favorite idiotic question was from the underwriter who wanted to know what would happen if the primary heat source were to fail and couldn't understand why nobody would be around to care. (For any mortgage underwriters out there who don't get it... the primary heat source is the sun ergo if the sun fails nobody is going to survive long enough to care.)

I spent the last couple weeks on tour doing workshops for librarians at Johnson County, Kansas (fabulous library system with an extraordinary staff) and participating in the World Science Fiction Convention in Boston.

Soon the washing machine will finish its cycle and I will head out for the canyon edge to use that great big solar and wind powered clothes dryer archaically called a clothesline.

Happy reading,