Saturday, June 07, 2008

Again, I Ask, Is It Spring?

My cilantro is coming up, I've moved the tomatoes and peppers outside but, still, it has been unseasonably cold. Thursday morning it was 34 degrees out. We got an entire inch of rain on Thursday. I'm going to have to start keeping precipitation records. I worry that we will hit a big drought since we don't have a well but so far this year precipitation has been high for a place that can only expect 8 -10 inches a year.

The wildlife is different this year, too. No bunnies, no picas, lots of lizards and a couple squirrels (never had squirrels before). The bobcat is getting pretty bold. He was actually stretching on the chicken coop. I tried to run him off but he just ran around to the other side and then came back.

The chickens are getting huge. We are probably about 6 weeks away from getting fresh eggs.