Sunday, July 13, 2008

Full Blown Summer

When I wasn't looking it turned from winter into summer. Missed spring entirely. The grapes, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and daisies are all up and doing well, enjoying life on the canyon edge. Some critter has discovered the kale and pansies, finding them delicious enough to nibble them down to the ground. The chickens are hale and hearty enjoying their own semi-earthship hen house and fenced yard. It is fenced over the top too to keep the hawks and other raptors from swooping them up and to keep the bobcats and hopefully the mountain lions out. I'm hoping that bears don't like chickens. We haven't seen any bears this year anyway.

So. Life on the edge is great. Temps are high. We've been getting into the 90s which is kinda extreme for here but the earthship has been maintaining comfortable temps. We did get up to 78 inside one day but since then I've started leaving the skylight open and it has stayed between 69 and 75. Woohoo! I love my house.