Thursday, March 24, 2016

At the Library Last Night

When we were getting ready to build our earthship, Rick and I were desperate to talk to anyone who had lived in one or built one. Touring the ones in Taos and taking the three day workshop with Michael Reynolds was great but that was a business and we wanted the perspective of folks who were doing it on their own.  Ann Landman and Dave Dashner who gave us tours of their homes and advice on their experiences were a huge help. So, we decided to give back. Last night, at the New Castle Branch Library, we presented a couple of short videos I made several years ago about how our house works. We showed images of the building process and what it looks like now and talked about our experience. It was an enjoyable evening spent with folks who care about leaving the earth in the best condition possible, lowering their consumption of fossil fuels, and living responsibly while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Really enjoyed meeting so many awesome folks.